How To Apply For Visa To Turkey

Turkey is a country where 97% of its parts is located in Asia and the rest is located in Europe. It is the cradle of ancient Eastern and Western civilizations and culture. Not only rich in history, it is also blessed with beautiful beaches, natural wonders, exciting and historical metropolitan areas and advantageous currency exchange rates which made Turkey an increasingly popular travel destination. Straddling the Asian and European continents, Tourist visas to Turkey are obtained at the port of entry, though travelers should be prepared before arriving. Follow the steps below to apply for visa to turkey. 

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Step 1
Before leaving for Turkey, check with the Turkish Embassy or the Turkish Consulate nearest you for current visa fees (U.S. citizens may also check with the U.S. State Department). Fees vary, depending on your nationality, and change regularly without notice.
Step 2
Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 3 months after the date of your entry into Turkey.
Step 3
In most cases, Turkish lira will not be accepted to pay the visa fee, so be prepared to pay in the correct currency. Visa fees are normally paid in the traveler's national currency, and they must be paid in cash.
Step 4
When you arrive in Turkey, you must buy your visa before going to Passport Control. Show the officer your passport and pay the fee, and the officer will affix a sticker and stamp to your passport. Once you have this sticker, you may proceed to Passport Control.
Step 5
Tourist visas are single-entry, and are valid for 3 months. Be sure to leave Turkey before the visa expires or you risk fines, deportation and/or future travel bans.

There are many websites for travel companies offering to help obtain visas for Turkey. These companies charge a fee for their services, but they are not necessary, since Turkey visas are issued at the port of entry in Turkey. Don't pay anyone for help getting a Turkish visa.