How To Apply For Visa To Malaysia

One on the most beautiful and exciting place to visit is Malaysia. The unique culture, beautiful scenery and wonderful people makes many to travel to this place. Of course, you cannot visit this place without a visa. Those citizens of a countries that are part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will only require a passport from their respective countries. Malaysia offers several different visa types for people who are intending on entering the country for different reasons. Work, travel, and study each require different paperwork in order to be granted a visa and enter the country legally. Follow the steps below to apply for visa to Malaysia.
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Step 1:
Obtain a national passport. A passport can be obtained through the citizenship or immigration office of the country you are a citizen. The passport must have at least one blank page for the appropriate stamps and stickers and must be valid for at least six months after the intended arrival date in Malaysia.
Show proof of exit booking from Malaysia. A travel document will need to be provided to the immigration officer stating how the visa applicant intends on leaving the country. This is to show the immigration officials that he does intend on leaving Malaysia and will not overstay his visa.

Step 2:
Provide proof of financial stability while in Malaysia. This can be shown with copies of bank statements, to show that the visa applicant will be entering the country without needing any support of government funds for his stay. This amount will vary from person to person and will naturally increase if he is intending on travelling with dependents.

Step 3:
You must not be a prohibited person. Prohibited persons entering Malaysia include, but are not limited to: mentally ill, physically ill, those who refuse a physical inspection requested by the immigration officer, threat to the Malaysian government, those in possession of forged travel documents, and any person who is a family member of a prohibited person.
Step 4:
Complete the required application form and file with any Malaysian Reprehensive Office aboard. The application can be obtained from the office and filed there. The Malaysian repetitive will request information such as the intended transportation out of the country, passport, and proof of financial stability.
Complete the arrival/ departure card. This card will be issued at the port of entry and must be completed before entering Malaysia.

Once the visa applicant has received a visa,  he has been granted permission to enter Malaysia. The visa, however, is not a guarantee that he will be allowed into the country. The Malaysian immigration officer at the port of entry will have the final say in whether or not he will be allowed to enter the country.